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Edmund G. Lind, Anglo-American Architect of Baltimore and the South

Charles Belfoure

The latest in our series of books about the Architecture of Baltimore features the biography of Edmund G. Lind, whose masterwork, the Library of the Peabody Institute is one of Baltimore’s finest interiors. The book follows the life of Lind as it begins in England and traces his development there and in his adopted homeland of the United States. Lind also designed many buildings in the American South including Atlanta, Georgia and North Carolina.

(ISBN 0972974326, 9780972974325) The book is 203 pages softcover and sells for $28.00.

Niernsee and Neilson: Architects of Baltimore

Niernsee & Neilson, Architects of Baltimore

Randolph W. Chalfant & Charles Belfoure

This book details the career of Baltimore’s first registered architecture firm. Niernsee and Neilson met as early employees of the B and O Railroad and built many of their earliest buildings including the now demolished Italianate train station in DC. Their close relationship with the Latrobe family led to many other notable commissions. N and N were also responsible for the early planning of the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore and the South Carolina State House in Columbia, SC.

(ISBN 0972974318 ) The book is 146 pages softcover and sells for $25.00


Baltimore Architecture

Charles Duff & Tracey Clark

Baltimore, Maryland, is one of America’s oldest and most beautiful big cities. Twelve generations of Baltimoreans have built and destroyed some of America’s best constructions. Then and Now: Baltimore Architecture shows the dramatic building and rebuilding of architecture around the city’s harbor, in its downtown, and throughout its great historic neighborhoods.

Charles Duff has restored 200 Baltimore buildings, and co-author Tracey Clark runs the city’s premier architectural salvage business. Together they are board members of the Baltimore Architecture Foundation.

(ISBN 0738542814) The book is 96 pages softcover and sells for $20.00

E. Francis Baldwin, Architect: The B&O, Baltimore, and Beyond

E. Francis Baldwin, Architect: The B&O, Baltimore, and Beyond

Carlos P. Avery

This book covers the career of E. Francis Baldwin who was the chief architect of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad for much of the late nineteenth century. He designed hundreds of buildings in and around Baltimore, and DC including the B and O stations at Mount Royal and in DC and the two earliest buildings of Catholic University. Baldwin’s first partner in Baltimore was noted architect Bruce Price, the man responsible for designing much of Tuxedo Park in New York and father of writer Emily Post.

(ISBN 097297430X ) 150 pages soft cover with a cover price of $23.00.

200_cast iron coverBaltimore’s Cast-Iron Buildings and Architectural Ironwork

James D. Dilts and Catharine F. Black

(ISBN 0870334271) This book was published in 1991 and reprinted by the foundation in 2000. It is 100 pages soft cover and sells for $30.00.


The Architecture of Baltimore, An Illustrated History

Mary Ellen Hayward and Frank R. Shivers, Jr.

(JHU Press) this hardcover survey of Baltimore Architecture is a completely updated and revised version of Richard Howland and Eleanor Spencer’s 1953 book of the same name. This is a great book and represents many years of effort from Baltimore’s architecture community.

(ISBN 0801878063) The book is 416 pages hardcover and sells for $50.00