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See what people are saying about Doors Open Baltimore, the free annual celebration of Baltimore Architecture organized by the Baltimore Architecture Foundation and AIABaltimore.

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  • Doors Open Baltimore Sneak Peek: Baltimore Fire Museum - Housed in the former quarters of Engine House No. 6, the Baltimore City Fire Museum will open its doors to the public for an entire weekend as one of the newest Doors Open Baltimore 2018 sites
  • Look What People Are Saying About Doors Open Baltimore: Arabber Center - We aren’t extinct yet—they’re trying to get us to that point but we’re still around. It’s getting rough but we’re still fighting.
  • Look What People are Saying about Doors Open Baltimore: Westminster Hall - When I was first approached by Doors Open Baltimore to include the tour of the Westminster Hall, Burying Grounds and Catacombs in their event, I jumped at the chance because I’ve been here many years and I enjoy sharing my knowledge of this site. It has so many famous people.
  • Doors Open Baltimore: AIABaltAmor Buildings You Love Instagram Contest Results - Congratulations to the winners of the AIABaltAmor Buildings You Love Instagram Contest. 1st Place Check out my trip to @RawlingsConservatory. One of the most beautiful places I’ve seen in Baltimore. Thanks @doorsopenbmore @MarylandHistory @MarylandFilmFestival for having this event and photography…
  • Doors Open Baltimore Sponsor Highlight: Vivian Marie Doering Photography - Vivian Marie Doering is a Baltimore-based photographer and Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography. For the past five months leading up to Doors Open Baltimore 2017, Vivian has donated her spare time and photography services to capturing extraordinary images of this year’s participating sites.
  • Doors Open Baltimore Sneak Peek: Jewish Museum of Maryland Tour - Designed by architect Robert Cary Long, Jr. in 1845, the historic Lloyd Street Synagogue is the third oldest synagogue in the nation. Over the years, the building has served as a worship place for three immigrant communities as a German reformed temple, as a Lithuanian Catholic church and as a Russian Orthodox shul.
  • Doors Open Baltimore Award Winning Buildings - Baltimore is full of architectural gems dating from the 18th century to the 21st. While you’re exploring the city during Doors Open Baltimore, make sure to stop by these award winning projects, recognized by the American Institute of Architects Baltimore…
  • Doors Open Baltimore Sponsor Highlight: Baltimore National Heritage Area - Recently celebrating its 20th Anniversary, the Baltimore National Heritage Area (BNHA) is one of many local sponsors dedicated to supporting Doors Open Baltimore 2017. BNHA protects, preserves, and promotes the Baltimore’s history and culture by encouraging visitation to historically vibrant yet overlooked neighborhoods while also providing grants for heritage tourism projects and programming.
  • Doors Open Baltimore Sneak Peek: Charm City Meadworks - East of the Fallsway in the Johnston Square neighborhood is one of Doors Open Baltimore’s newest sites, Charm City Meadworks (CCMW). Co-owners James Boicourt and Andrew Geffken launched their business in July of 2014, immediately becoming Baltimore first and only meadery.
  • Doors Open Baltimore Volunteer Highlights - Each year, Doors Open Baltimore exposes its volunteers to exclusive access to Baltimore’s most important buildings and behind the scenes glimpses into what makes an event like Doors Open Baltimore so special.
  • Doors Open Baltimore Sneak Peek: School 33 Art Center - Nestled in the South Baltimore Riverside neighborhood, Doors Open Baltimore participants will find one of Baltimore City’s most successful adaptive reuse projects, School 33 Art Center, formerly known as P.S. 33.
  • Doors Open Baltimore Sneak Peek: Reginald F. Lewis Museum - The Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History & Culture will be one of seven museums in Baltimore City that will grant free admission to the public for Doors Open Baltimore 2017. T
  • Doors Open Baltimore Sneak Peek: Monumental Life Building - If you have visited Baltimore’s historic Mount Vernon neighborhood, there is a good chance you have driven by or walked past one of our new Doors Open Baltimore sites—Chase Brexton Health Care’s Mt. Vernon Center located in the Monumental Life Building.
  • Doors Open Baltimore Stories: Lafayette Square - “A number of years ago we did a series of affordable housing rehabs in West Baltimore close to Lafayette and the neighborhood around Lafayette Square. One day I was coming back, came up the street—I usually go another way—and said, ‘Wow! This is really neat.’ That sort sparked my interest in that whole Victorian neighborhood,” recounts David Gleason, the 2016 West Lafayette Avenue tour guide.
  • Doors Open Baltimore Stories: A Story Worth Telling - “I had heard so much about West Baltimore in the news over the past year-and-a-half that I wanted to check it out in person on foot. Sure, it's rundown in parts, but it's not too different from the better off communities in Baltimore,” says Christopher Berger, who has been a Doors Open Baltimore attendee since 2015.
  • Doors Open Baltimore Stories: Returning to Baltimore - “When I found out that there was a high vantage point that would be accessible [from the One South Street Tower], I immediately headed to this location. The interior lobby of the building was beautiful with the high ceilings and detailed finishing touches. But to be able to get out at the 20th floor and see a view of Baltimore from there was absolutely amazing.” says Anthony Jordon, Jr., one of our 2016 Buildings You Love Instagram Photo contest winners.
  • Doors Open Baltimore Stories: Illuminating History - “I am guilty of under appreciating architecture when independently exploring an area. However, taking tours with clear guides like those present during Doors Open Baltimore illuminates an area's history. On my own, I would not have drawn the same conclusions,” says 2016 DOB attendee, Jeremy Sanders.
  • Doors Open Baltimore Stories: Call to Action - “I attended the West Lafayette Avenue tour—it was especially interesting to me because for the last several years I have lived in the Marble Hill neighborhood before last year buying and renovating a house near Lafayette Square. On this tour I was hoping to learn more about the rich history of the neighborhoods and also to connect with neighbors who shared my interest in history and architecture,” says Eric Stephenson, a 2016 DOB attendee.
  • Doors Open Baltimore Stories: More than a Pile of Bricks - “I think architecture is so much more than just a pile of concrete and bricks. There’s a big story behind it, and I think for anybody that is interested in those kind of stories they’ll be entertained by something like Open Doors Baltimore for sure,” says Carl Schmidt, a 2016 Doors Open Baltimore attendee. Carl learned about Doors Open Baltimore for the first time last year after searching the AIABaltimore website for opportunities that would allow him to take more architectural photography.
  • Doors Open Baltimore Stories: Sleep Tight - “I live in New York and came down to Baltimore on the early-morning Megabus for the Doors Open Baltimore event. I had to return the same evening—so I planned it well in advance, and had to choose only two or three sites to explore around city center,” states Jeremy Gage, a returning Doors Open Baltimore attendee.
  • Doors Open Baltimore Stories: Father and Son - “I hadn't realized how much history was in Baltimore. Baltimore has received so much bad publicity that unfortunately, that becomes the perceptual set for the city, as well as, the people of the city. It was nice to see different, especially as a black man,” says Robert Butler, one of our 2016 Buildings You Love Instagram Photo contest winners.
  • Return of the Cultural Historical: Recognizing and Stabilizing Community - October 18 @ 6:00 – 8:00 pm Green Street Academy, 125 N. Hilton St. Baltimore, MD 21229 Robert E. Lewis Memorial Lecture and Doors Open Baltimore Kick-off Event presented by The Baltimore Architecture Foundation and the AIABaltimore Urban Design Committee 1.5 AIA/CES/HSW LUs…
  • Doors Open Baltimore 2016 – Brian Miller Profile - Brian Miller is Managing Director of Full Circle Fine Art Services. He is a master fine art printer and, believe it or not, still prefers to print in the darkroom.