Doors Open Baltimore 2018 Itineraries

Having trouble figuring out what to see during Doors Open Baltimore 2018? Try a Doors Open Baltimore itinerary—a days worth of sites to visit built around a theme.

The Jones Falls Valley

Explore the factories along the Jones Falls, from the textile to the iron industry. See the oldest steel and glass house in the country and its immense variety of plants. And take a look at what people today are making in the valley!

Living and Working Downtown

This self-guided tour leads you through nearly three centuries of living and working in Downtown Baltimore, from the 18th century home that hosted George and Martha Washington to one of Baltimore’s remaining grand downtown hotels of the 20th century.

Immigration in South Baltimore

In the 19th and early 20th centuries Baltimore was a major port of entry for European immigrants. Between 1868 and 1914 over 1.2 million immigrants entered Baltimore through Locust Point and found work in the port, factories and railroads. Come learn how their labor and tireless pursuit of the American Dream propelled Baltimore into the industrial age.

The Riches of Mount Vernon

By the mid-19th century, Mt. Vernon had become the most fashionable neighborhood in Baltimore as Baltimore’s barons of finance and industry built grand homes on the squares around the Washington Monument in Mount Vernon Place. Take a look inside some of Baltimore’s most beautiful and grand buildings.

DOB 2018 Itinerary: African American History in Central West Baltimore

Central West Baltimore is rich in African American History. Upton was at the center of the civil rights movement in Baltimore and Pennsylvania Avenue served as the community’s lively shopping and entertainment strip. Explore the area’s past and get to know some of the groups and organizations that call it home today.