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AIABaltimore and the Baltimore Architecture Foundation (BAF) host many events over the course of the year that include sponsorship opportunities. Support BAF programs including Doors Open Baltimore, Baltimore Architecture Month, the Annual Groundhog Day Party and the Schamu Golf and Auto Classic.

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We invite you to donate to the Baltimore Architecture Foundation, a nonprofit organization which advocates the appreciation of Baltimore’s built environment and the architects who created it.

At the base of any organization is a mission which its members believe in, and we believe in promoting the value of architecture and Baltimore’s built environment. We do this through our many programs, including our building tours, FAR/Kids in DesignDoors Open Baltimore, our annual Robert E. Lewis Lecture and much more. Your support allows us to continue and build upon our programs, furthering our mission to foster an understanding of and an appreciation for Baltimore architecture.


The Baltimore Architecture Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Charitable Non-Profit Organization established, in part, to promote an understanding and appreciation of architecture in the Baltimore region. All contributions are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law.

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Thank you to our 2016 Contributors

Carol Allen
Patricia Babij
Rob Brennan
Stephen Brockelman
Jeffrey Brown
Constance Caplan
Bill Collins
Anthony Consoli
Steade Craigo
Kyle Damalouji
Dave Ditman
Pat Dorn
Peter Edelman
Jim Flickinger
Mary Frederick
Mimi Giguere
Anthony Gill
Dwight Griffith
Anne Gummerson
Mary Jo Harris
C. Peter Hoffberger
Margaret Hoffberger
Greg Holland
Tiffany James
Melinda Kay
Stephan Kelly
Shirley Kennard (In loving memory)
Amy K Kimball
Lydia Kimball
Bill King
William King
Kelsey Kruse
Katie Leach
Jonathan Lessem
Sharon Lockwood
James Markakis
Lynn McCann
Morris Murray
Matt Pearce
Jeffrey Penza
Kelly Quinn
Erin Reinhart
Brandi Roland
Korey Rubeling
Heather Rustici
J. Brough Schamp
Nancy Schamu
Cindy Skoglund
Damie & Diane Stillman
Jaw Tung
Robert Vanwesep
Ziger/Snead Architects