Baltimore’s Treasures (Meg Fairfax Fielding)

Friday, May 22 | 1:00 pm | Donations

The fourth in a series of virtual tours and presentations with Baltimore Heritage and the Baltimore Architecture Foundation.

The Baltimore Architecture Foundation (BAF) and Baltimore Heritage present a series of 30 minute live virtual tours and presentations focusing on Baltimore architecture, preservation and history. Next up is Meg Fairfax Fielding who will be taken us on a tour of Baltimore’s hidden architectural treasures.

Tickets are donation based. We encourage you to give what you can to support the BAF and Baltimore Heritage. Your support helps us make up for lost tour and program revenue from COVID-19 and create more virtual programs like this.

Baltimore is a city filled with a wide range of architectural treasures. From tiny temple-like structures, to gem-like carpenter gothic churches, to robust Richardson Revival edifices, to castle-like school buildings, our architecture has something to delight everyone. But some of these treasures are off the beaten path and not everyone knows about them.

Take a spin through Baltimore with BAF past president, Meg Fairfax Fielding. Although she is not an architect by training, she’s “architect adjacent.” She is doing a deep dive on Palmer & Lamdin properties in and around Baltimore, as well as searching out 18th century brick churches along the Chesapeake Bay. Meg loves to explore Baltimore and the surrounding areas. By day, she is the head of the History of Maryland Medicine at MedChi, which was founded in 1799, but on weekends, you might find her on a lonely road on the Eastern Shore searching for a small, ancient church. Follow her on Instagram at PigtownDesign.

About the Baltimore Architecture Foundation

The Baltimore Architecture Foundation (BAF) celebrates design and the built environment. Launched in 1987, BAF encourages people to explore Baltimore architecture: to be mindful of the area’s history, and recognize Baltimore’s architectural heritage, and appreciate its design innovations.

Through its tours, lectures, educational programs for adults and kids, exhibitions, research, and publications, the BAF demonstrates how ideas are manifested in the built environment and urban design of the city.

About Baltimore Heritage

Founded in 1960, Baltimore Heritage, Inc. is Baltimore’s nonprofit historic and architectural preservation organization. With a small staff, 33 volunteer board members, and a host of volunteers, we work to preserve and promote Baltimore’s historic buildings and neighborhoods.