Doors Open Baltimore Stories: Returning to Baltimore

Photo of Carroll Mansion staircase

Photography by AnthonyJordon Photography

“When I found out that there was a high vantage point that would be accessible [from the One South Street Tower], I immediately headed to this location. The interior lobby of the building was beautiful with the high ceilings and detailed finishing touches. But to be able to get out at the 20th floor and see a view of Baltimore from there was absolutely amazing.” says Anthony Jordon, Jr., one of our 2016 Buildings You Love Instagram Photo contest winners.

Anthony shared how he recently moved back to Maryland from Florida and found the DOB Instagram Photo contest to be a great reason for getting out and seeing the changes that had occurred while he was away. “I love digital photography and social media—it’s my way of sharing the world I view to those who wish to see it, but can’t physically be with me in person. [Doors Open Baltimore] was a great motivator and opportunity to get out and see the historical architecture around Baltimore,” he claims, “plus, it’s been awhile since I’ve motivated myself to participate in a photography contest.”

His favorite landmarks to visit were the Phoenix Shot Tower and the Carroll Museums. “Phoenix Shot Tower offered some really cool line structures internally. The internal frame of the Tower was all wooden and the natural light and shadows gave some amazing perspectives to the inner works of the building,” Anthony says. “Carroll Manson had an absolutely beautiful and huge non-traditional 3 story spiral staircase. From the top down, the spiral was truly awesome!”

Thank you, Anthony, for sharing you Instagram photo and DOB story! We hope to see you at Doors Open Baltimore 2017!