Architect Biographies

Baltimore Architects (Dead Architects Society)

AIABaltimore has a large framed group of photographed portraits of members dating from early 1873, about two years after the founding. Many were known only by name and some were altogether unknown. Almost no biographical information about them was known. Only a few buildings could be attributed to them. Research soon gave life to these photographic images.

Participants in the Dead Architects Society adopted specific architects among the eighteen Chapter founders and, quickly, added other historic architects to the “core group. some predated the founding of the Baltimore Chapter and others postdated it.

Early Women of Architecture in Maryland

In Maryland, women have been professionally practicing architecture in Maryland for over 80 years, yet, with the exception of a few, little is known about those from earlier generations. The Women in Architecture Committee (WIA) of the Baltimore Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) is proud to present the stories of 12 extraordinary women who contributed to architecture from the 1920s to the 1960s. They practiced through the lean years of the World Wars and the Great Depression, designing buildings in Maryland and across the country.

A traveling exhibit and programming have been created in conjunction with the research. See upcoming events and news on the project’s Facebook page.