Spring Forum 2008

On March 19, the Baltimore Architecture Foundation launches its 2008 Spring Forum. Wednesdays at noon, the public is invited to bring their lunches to the Berman Auditorium of the Johns Hopkins Downtown Center, Charles and Fayette Streets, for lectures about Baltimore’s built environment. All Forum sessions are free.

For more information, please call Adam Blumenthal at 410-539-7772.

Kirby Fowler

March 19

Kirby Fowler, executive director of the Downtown Partnership, “A Delicate Balance: Preserving Downtown’s Authenticity While Welcoming Modernity”

Dr. Andrés Alonso

March 26

Dr. Andrés Alonso, superintendent of Baltimore City Schools, “Transforming BCPS—Reinventing Teaching and Learning and the Relationship of Schools to their Communities”

Aris Melisseratos

April 2

Aris Melisseratos, senior advisor to the president of the Johns Hopkins University for enterprise development.

Anna Custer

April 9

Anna Custer, executive director of Live Baltimore, on Baltimore’s real estate market and her organization’s effort to attract new residents

Eliza Smith Steinmeier

April 16

Eliza Smith Steinmeier, Baltimore Harbor waterkeeper, and Halle Van der Gaag, from the Jones Falls Watershed Association, on the health of the harbor

Otis Rolley, III

April 23

Otis Rolley, III, president of Central Maryland Transportation Alliance, on this new organization’s plans to improve travel efficiency within central Maryland

Jim Kraft

April 30

Jim Kraft, Baltimore City councilman, on “green” legislation in Baltimore City

Klaus Philipsen, AIA and Matthew Fitzsimmons, AIA

May 7

Past and current chairs of the AIABaltimore Urban Design Committee present, “After the Arena: tapping the potential of the sites at Liberty and Redwood Streets”. What could be and should be done when the Arena finds a new site.

The Baltimore Architecture Foundation’s Spring Forum 2008 is supported by the Johns Hopkins University.

Launched in 1987 by AIA Baltimore, the Baltimore Architecture Foundation is a non-profit, educational, public-oriented outreach organization. The Foundation is a member-based organization with a 26-member board of directors drawn from the architectural, business, and cultural communities. The Foundation today focuses its attention and energies on helping to promote an understanding of and an appreciation for Baltimore’s built environment—it does this through walking tours, lectures, public programs, and an architecture-in-the-schools program. The Foundation is also actively engaged in researching the early architectural firms and practitioners of architecture in Baltimore.